Male Fashion: What Your Wallet Says About You

It’s often said that men don’t care much about fashion as much as women do. While this could be a true sentiment considering the number of time that men acquire new clothes and fashion accessories in comparison to women, some fashion statements speak volumes about a man’s sense of fashion. The list includes shoes, belts, and wallets. Here are few pointers on what the kind of wallet that you may choose to buy says about you.

Of types, personality, and lifestyle

It’s possible to tell that you travel a lot from the kind of wallet that you carry around. This is because ardent travelers often prefer passport-type wallets as they fit their travel documents and a bit of money as well as other identification documents such as the national ID and insurance card.

Zip-around wallets make people perceive you as an extremely cautious person. It follows that if you want others to find it easy to trust you with their possessions, you may consider getting a zip-around wallet. Note that these wallets don’t drop a coin and neither are they easy to proliferate.

Cardholder wallets for men are a classic purchase for dealmakers. You can collect all the contacts that you need from existing and potential business associates with this kind of wallet for men. You come through as a highly organized person with an acute vision when you choose to acquire a cardholder with top-tier wallet-like features.

Whenever you choose a hard case wallet for men, you cut a masculine personality and come across as a person who is into taking on challenging activities. You will pass for an adventurous person and make people believe that you’re the kind of person who can take on anything and achieve your goals beyond expectations whenever you choose to.


wallet designDesigner aspects

It’s not common to find a man with multiple wallets. Unlike women who can have scores of purses and handbags, men tend to have less than three wallets at any given time. This enables them to invest in quality wallets for men with top designer attributes. Numerous designer outfits focus on making quality wallets, and all you have to do is to walk into a shop that stocks wallets for men to have your pick. If you don’t have one in your neighborhood, turn to online shopping and get a designer wallet that will mesmerize people and project your high sense of fashion each time you pull it out.

The material, size, and color

Leather wallets are often commendable because of their texture and durability features. Getting a wallet that’s made of synthetic leather or plastic can be a good move if you don’t intend to use the wallet for long. However, synthetic and plastic wallets will rarely get you the fashion-related respect that you deserve.

Wallets can also be made of fibrous materials, and they come in handy if you want to cut out an image of a daring person about fashion. Don’t go for oversized wallets if you don’t carry a laptop bag, a briefcase or a backpack all the time. Look for one that easily fits into your pocket and pays attention to the color factor. A black or brown wallet for men is usually highly recommended.