smoked steak

Top Tips on How to Smoke Steak

The flavor and aroma of smoked steak make it one of the most delicious foods that you can eat. This is particularly the case when it is smoked perfectly. There is some level of knowledge and finesse needed to smoke steak. 

Dry-Brine the Steak

To get the best results, you should rub the meat with kosher salt a few hours before you start cooking. This will help to add flavor to the meat as well as start the denaturing process. Denaturing has the benefit of helping the meat to retain moisture while cooking. The steak ends up tasty and juicy.

Start Smoking Early

To get the smoky flavors into the meat, you should start smoking it early during the cooking process. This is because the flavor compounds found in smoke are soluble in water and fat. The meat will absorb more of the flavor when it is still raw. The smoke will not penetrate the steak well after the surface starts to cook and dry out.

Regulate the Heat

The best way to smoke your steak is by slowly cooking it using low and indirect heat. Woods smoke is what is usually used. The low and indirect heat ensures that the meat turns out tender and moist. If you are using a charcoal grill, you should add a pan of water, which helps to stabilize heat and adds humidity as well. A disposable foil pan should work just fine.

Avoid Peeking

You will likely be tempted to open the lead from time to time to see how the steak is cooking. Doing so is not a great idea as it allows both heat and smoke to escape. You should only open the lid if you have to tend to the food, water pan, or fire. When you do open the cover, make sure you do whatever it is that you have to do very fast and put the cover back on to minimize the heat and smoke loss.smoking steaksmoked steaksmoked steak

Know Your Woods

Different woods will give different flavors to your steak. You need to find out which wood provides the best flavor based on your tastes and preferences. For example, you can mix two or more types of wood to give your steak an overall sweet flavor. Oak, combined with some fruit woods, is the most commonly used for steak.